D and D Bulldogs

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This is our testimonials page. Our future puppy owners love to hear feedback from owners of puppies from our previous litters.

Thank you for your feedback! We love to everyone's feedback.

Please also check out the page on our website "D and D Bulldogs in new homes" that page consists of updates and testimonials from people who have gotten their Bulldog(s) from us D and D Bulldogs as well as shows pictures from them as well.á

Our Facebook page D and D Bulldogs is also another place to check for testimonials, updates, and pictures of Bulldogs from their new owners. You can also find us on the referral pages of both the Bulldog Club of America and the Lenape Bulldog Club, as well as referred by PawPointer.com

Quotes Mempis (fawn) is almost 9 now! and Tonka (red) is 6. I love them so much, thank you for sharing them with me. Quotes

Quotes I just purchased the most adorable little butterball bulldog. My boyfriend and I are in love with our new pup Macho! His features and personality are to die for. He is super handsome everywhere we go we are constantly being complimented on how precious and well behaved he is thanks to you Diane! He is playful and a ball of joy. I would like to say Machos breeder Diane made us feel so much better about our choice we are glad we waited to find a bulldog that we know came from a caring and knowledgeable breeder and not just from a store where they just want to get rid of the dogs whether they are healthy or not. We appreciate all the info and helpful tips you gave us to care for our baby boy, they have been working great thus far. Definitely worth the drive. Thank you so much again ! Sara & Jansie , Happy Parents !! Quotes
Overly Joyed Customer

Quotes He is very friendly... everyone that meets him goes crazy over what a beautiful, happy dog he is. We are EXTREMELY HAPPY that he is part of our family. Quotes
our Bulldog

Quotes Gus is doing great! It really is difficult to walk anywhere in the city without people stopping to admire and pet him. You should be very proud of the dogs you breed. EVERYONE says he is one of, if not the best looking bulldogs they've ever seen :-) Quotes

Quotes Hi Diane, I just wanted to drop you a line. my family and I had adopted Molly from you 8 years ago at the age of 4. Molly just turned 12 on January 15th and we cant imagine what our lives would be without her. We love her so much! I am hopeful that Molly will have at least a couple more healthy, happy years. I will email you some pictures of Molly when I get a chance, she is still adorable. She's a little slower moving than she use to be, unless its time to eat. We put her on the couch every night with her blanket. Thank you so much for allowing us to have her. Quotes

Quotes Hello from Mack (son of Target & Sullivan). He's a little over 4 years old now & looking forward (we think) to having a baby sister. Everyone loves him & always comments on his super sweet temperament. Thank you, D and D! Quotes

Quotes Love our Stella! And big sister Sophie! Quotes
Nicole McKeon

Quotes Sophie McKeon!! 8 yrs old and still healthy!! Thank you guys Quotes
Nicole McKeon

Quotes We are soooo happy with our sweet Winnie! We have gotten so many compliments on her, and Diane continues to be a wonderful resource with a wealth of knowledge about the breed, training tips, etc. We certainly recommend D and D Bulldogs and are so thankful to have found them. Quotes

Quotes Mack @ 15 weeks old and about 16 lbs! He has the sweetest personality and is a fast learner- he's the talk of the neighborhood and we couldn't be happier with him! Thank you again to Diane and D&D! Quotes