D and D Bulldogs

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D and D Bulldogs in their new homes

This page shows puppies/dogs that are formerly of D and D Bulldogs. These puppies/dogs started out here at D and D Bulldogs and puppies placed into their new homes as puppies or adults. D and D Bulldogs have gone to live in various locations throughout the country. The pictures of this page have been sent to us by the puppy/dogs' new owner and or shared on our Facebook page. Here you'll see some of our puppies growing up, as well as what our puppies grow into, and updates/photos throughout their life and even into very old age. Some pictures did come with updates or testimonials.  

For those of you who have shared pictures, updates, testimonials with us and taken wonderful care of D and D Bulldogs thank you! We love getting updates and pictures!

Baker family

Over the years the Baker family has added four D and D Bulldog puppies to their family: Boris, Harlow, Gus and Betty. 

Krammer family

The Krammer's added three D and D Bulldogs to their family as well as showed

Vinne, Olive, and Nelson

"Dear Diane,
We are in love!!! Vinny is just as you said but even more.  What an amazing personality he has too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I hope you did well at your dog show today. We are spoiling your baby terribly. Were leaving for home in Florida tomorrow so I will take more photos when we get him settled.
Our very best,

"Vinnie is growing by the minute. We are so thrilled with him. His 
housebreaking is going very well and we have been working with a 
handler to get him prepared for showing. He's truly a love."

"He's spoiled rotten!!! "

"we truly love him, he's spoiled rotten and he's got a wonderful home for which we truly thank you for entrusting him with us" 

"Nelson got his first point today!!!!

I love u love u love u!!!! Sooooo happy! "

"Nelson took a group 4 in the puppy match!!!"

McKeon family

The McKeon's shared photos and updates on Sophie!

"Sophie McKeon!! 8 yrs old and still healthy!! Thank you guys"

After reconnecting with us and sharing photos and updates on Sophie, the McKeon family added puppy girl Stella to their family!

" Love our Stella! And big sister Sophie!"

The McKeons added Sophie and Stella to their family when they were both puppies. 

Malisko family

Do you remember seeing our dogs featured on the 2014 season premier of Animal Planet's Too Cute? Well then you may remember seeing Dexter the Malisko's first D and D Bulldog puppy. 

The Malisko's sent us the following updates and pictures:

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU.  Dexter is wonderful.  He loves his new bed and the kids are just loving on him constantly.  He has a terrific deposition and really good with the kids.    He is the talk of the neighborhood right now.  We are so blessed to have connected with you.  We had a wonderful time meeting and talking to you.  We wish we could have stayed longer but it was such a long way home. "

"Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that Dexter is doing great.  We actually took him to the beach last weekend and he loved it.  Here is a recent picture of him.  He is a perfect dog. "

"Hope all is well in your world. Dexter is absolutely PERFECT. "

"Hi Diane, just wanted to say hi and send you a picture of the birthday boy, Dexter. He is doing fantastic. Hope all is well in your world. "

The Malisko's then decided to add another D and D Bulldog puppy to their family!

Pappas family

The Pappas family added two D and D Bulldog puppies to their family - Maggie and Ellie... Pictures and updates are below:

"Hi Diane, Our little Maggie is doing so well. She is about 10 months now. I loved finding her puppy picture on your puppy site tonight in your past litters pictures. She has won us over with her big heart and playful ways. We are considering another bullie. "

" I thought you might like this picture of the girls. It was taken when Eleanor (Ellie) was just over 4 months old. Now she weighs about 38 pounds and is close to Maggie's size. (Maggie weighs about 40.) Her health has been good and we just had her spayed. She has an adorable playful sweet personality and loves to give kisses. The two love to play together. You were right, Ellie has a dominant personality! Maggie is still a bit jealous, especially of me, but Ellie favors my husband so we each get a dog on our lap!"


Brittany shared this along with the following:

" Mempis (fawn) is almost 9 now! and Tonka (red) is 6. I love them so much, thank you for sharing them with me."

"Tonka enjoying the weather."

Gervasi family

Over the years the Gervasi family added two D and D Bulldogs to their family 



"He is doing Wonderful!!!
Love from all of us
the Gervasis"

"Thank you for making our family complete again!!!!"

Deputy family

The Deputy family adopted two D and D Bulldogs - Dozer and later on Minnie

" He is doing awesome "  he is getting great with the other dogs "  I just look at him and he brings a smile to my face "

" Here are some photos of the spoiled rotten monster but he has been a good dog, he is loose most of the time " he is very much loved "


Over the years Gary adopted two retired Bulldogs of D and D Bulldogs

"She and the cat are getting along and she loves to play with us and play with her toys. " we do love and adore her very much. "

Bulldog Yoga

Gracie is the Bulldog of Bulldog Yoga

Teasdale family

Pete shared photos of Rowan with us.

Rowan just under a year old, Rowan playing with his skateboard, and Rowan in his life vest ready for swimming. What an active boy!

Schlegel family

The Schlegel family shared a photo with us of Cosmo at one year old

"Cosmo Kramer will be 3 next month "


Hilary shared the following updates and pictures with us

" We are soooo happy with our sweet Winnie! We have gotten so many compliments on her, and Diane continues to be a wonderful resource with a wealth of knowledge about the breed, training tips, etc. We certainly recommend D and D Bulldogs and are so thankful to have found them."

"Miss Winifred (Lucy and Brody's puppy) is 4 1/2 now and napping on the patio is her favorite. " 


Shelby's family shared the following photos with us 

The first two pictures are Shelby as a puppy 

Updated shared with the first photo - "Hi Diane just want to wish you a Happy New Year. Here is a new picture of our Shelby he is getting so big already. "

Updated shared with second photo about a month after the first picture/update - "Hi Diane here is our big guy."

Note shared with the third photo Just wanted to send you a picture of Shelby on his first birthday. "

Melissa shared " Here's Mr. Shelby, he turned 2 in September " along with the fourth photo

"❤️3 years old now. Mr. Shelby." with the fifth photo 


Ziggy's family shared the following photos with us 


Updates and photo from Zoey's owner below 

"She's doing just great.  Really developed her own personality and she continues to amuse us. "

Zoey's owner shared the following photo along with " Zoey is sad that her fur sisters are not in the mood to play."


Meatloaf's family shared the following photos

The first photo of Meatloaf on his 7th birthday and then almost eight years old. 

With the fifth photo they shared " Our boy Meatloaf , Puzzles son - 8 yrs of Love"

Along with the sixth photo (2017) they shared " Meatloaf loves the convertible! Born 11.15.2008. Son of Puzzle and Anslow"


Ozzie's family shared the following photos and update to us through our Fcebook page. So great to hear from you

"Hi Diane, we just found you on Facebook but here is a picture of Ozzie. She's 7 now and was one of Anslow and Puzzle's little girls from November 2008. Hope all is well! She's still like a pup!"

"Here's Ozzie, she'll be 8 in November! She doesn't seem a day over 3."


Mack's owners shared the following update/testimonial and picture with us 

"Mack @ 15 weeks old and about 16 lbs! He has the sweetest personality and is a fast learner- he's the talk of the neighborhood and we couldn't be happier with him! Thank you again to Diane and D&D!"
Thanks for the update Melissa and congrats!

"Hello from Mack (son of Target & Sullivan). He's a little over 4 years old now & looking forward (we think) to having a baby sister. Everyone loves him & always comments on his super sweet temperament. Thank you, D and D!"


Lola's family shared the following picture of her at seven years old 

Widerman family 

Abby was a Bulldog that we retired and then as an adult she joined the Widerman family where they gave her a wonderful home loving home. She passed away when she was the old age of 13 1/2 years old. We loved getting all the updates and pictures throughout the years. 

"Abby, Jim, and I want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!! She's getting to be an old lady, but doing well nonetheless. She loves life in Florida, especially sleeping in the sun. "

"Abby remains the love of our lives!!!! She is the sweetest, best behaved dog imaginable!!!! "

"She is a great companion."

"Just writing to say hello and to let you know that Abby is doing well."

"As I always tell you, Abby is the most wonderful dog and we love her to death!! I believe she will be 13 this fall, so we are on borrowed time, but I plan to treasure every minute we still have and keep her as healthy as possible. I know all the good care, food, and training you gave her the five years you had her made a huge difference, too.
I'm attaching a picture taken just yesterday." "She is still beautiful"

"Wishing you and yours and all the bullies a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Abby is doing well and snoring by my feet as I write this. She is so sweet and the love of our lives."

"Diane, she was wonderful!! Loving, gentle, and funny. We couldn't eat w/o her begging for treats. She never chewed, barked, or had accidents. She was so healthy for her age. She loved to travel. What a joy!! The house is so empty.
I want to thank you for being there for us over the years!! I appreciate your support and willingness to talk with me whenever I had a question.
I would like another adult bulldog in the future"


Will's owner shared this following neat photo and info on him. 

"Will is a white bulldog we bought from you in September 2005. He has 
done agility and now is a therapy dog."

"His best agility performance was when he was 3 or 4. He actually 
qualified in all 4 events of the trial. He did it with such ease I 
wondered if the trials were really being run they were supposed to be. 
The trials were on the up and up, he was that good in his prime."

"As I have said to you in the past, thank you for providing us with one 
of the best dogs we have ever owned. "

Cottone family

The Cottone family got Jax as a puppy

"Hey Diane hope all is well, we love our little Jax and couldn't thank u enough for bringing him in our lives. He's a healthy pup and weighs over 30lbs now !!"


Jack's family shared the following pictures and updates

"Our buddy Jack, he turns 6 in January...such a love!"

"Jack loves his pillow time!"

Starner family

Maddie's family wrote us to let us know how she's' doing and sent pics too 

"Here are a few pictures of Maddie's favorite spot - on our laps. I think she is going to be a daddy's girl though. She is doing great - we love her!"


Lola's family shared the pictures and updates on Lola below

" Our little girl Lola made her way onto QVC.  She's doing absolutely great and we love her to death.  She's very spoiled. "

"  Lola found this big pile of snow and decided she was queen of the pile.  Just sat up there and watched everyone.  Hope all is well with you. '

" Hope you're doing well.  I just thought I would send you a recent picture of Lola.  She is doing absolutely great!  We all just love her! "

"Hope all is well with you!  Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Lola. She's doing great!  She's spoiled rotten!  :-)  Hope you're having a great summer!"


Valentine's family adopted her when she was an adult. Pictures and updates on Valentine can be seen below

The first photo (photo collage - 3 photos) of Valentine at 5 years old came along with this update: "I wanted to send you an update and some pictures of Val seeing as it's her 5th birthday. We got her a little cookie and toy which she loved. She and Buddha are getting along great. They're starting to play more and more. Everyone loves her. She's so calm and sweet. "

All in all she's doing great!  Thanks again for letting us adopt her. She's such a great dog. "

"I just went to the photo album on your website and looked at the photos from her show days - so fun to see photos of her in her youth! "

The last photo shows Valentine at about 10 1/2 years old

Lamp family

The Lamp family added Capone to their family as a puppy. pictures and updates can be seen below

" Just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know the puppy is doing awesome. Steph named him Capine and he is a little ham who loves to play and then sleep but loves the camera already haha. "

This first picture came along with this update Hello Diane, just wanted to say hello. Attached is a picture of our puppy Capone. As you know he is 5 months now and is just an amazing pup. He is a really really good dog. He loves to sleep and loves attention. Anyway just wanted to give you an update on him since I figured you would enjoy it. "

The following update came along with the second and third photos: " Hey Diane, Just wanted to reach out and send you a picture of Capone. He is going to be 1 this weekend and has gotten big. He has the best personality and outside of bulldog stubbornness, he is an amazing family member. Take care! "

Pirelli family

The Pirelli family sent us this update and the following photos: "It was nice talking to you the other day! We love our baby bully! We have spoken so much about you and your wonderful pups! We are having so much fun with Buddha (~7months). He is about 50 pounds and he is a well-behaved gentleman. We took your advice early on and he was potty trained within 3 weeks and he is crate trained - he loves it! We bring him out for a lot of exercise and he gives a lot of love - everybody loves him.

**In fact, he won 3rd Place in the Cutest Pet Contest at Plainfield Animal Hospital (out of probably 300 pets)!! He's a great boy. " 


Apache's family adopted him as an adult. below are pictures and updates from his family 

This message came along with the photos of Apache and the kitty:  "Attached are some photos of Apache and Lanie. They were best buds! "

"you to have made him the amazing dog that made our family smile every time he interacted with us. Thank you so much again for giving us the opportunity to have Apache in our lives "


update and picture of Stella from her owners 

Stella was with her owner from puppy-hood to old age. After Stella's passing her owner reached out to us to let us know and share some kind words. We are sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving Stella a great life, and for staying in touch with us throughout her life and after. 

"Thank you for allowing me to be Stella's mom. To say she was my everything is selling her short. Stella was my life. I loved her. Many people don't get the luxury of bringing their dog to work - but I did. We were co-workers. We spent our entire day together. Everyday around the clock- Stella and I were together. That's what makes losing her so difficult. We were undeniably connected. I talked to her all day long and she understood me. She felt every emotion I had and she loved me so much, and I loved her so much. Stella was the sweetest thing that ever set foot on this planet. She loved everyone and everything. She always listened, was polite, never barked, played well with others, always ate her dinner, had my back, and brought a smile to anyone's face that came into contact with her. I have lost a lot of people in my life, a lot of people who meant a lot to me, but this one, by far, is taking a lot of my heart. Stella was my baby. Over the past 8 and a half years, we were a team. Where ever I went- she did too. One thing I know for sure about Stella- she felt very confident in her own skin. She was beautiful, truly beautiful inside and out. On a regular basis, I'd ask myself how I got so lucky. Really.. her temperament was of an angel. Stella's heart was made of pure gold. Her presents would captivate any room she was in with her sweet and gentle demeanor, hip shaking walk, and loud old man snoring within 2 minutes. She truly marched to the beat of her own drum regardless of time, space, or who was around. She carried herself with such grace. Stella was so special to me and I'm so grateful I was able to have such a pure piece of heaven in my life for as long as I did."

Hollis family

Wanda joined her family as an adult. 

Wanda grew old in the Hollis family's home. After Wanda's passing they added another D and D Bulldog to their family - Luis. 


Riever Family

The following is from the Riever family

" Thank you Diane!!! Merry Christmas from Sulley!!! "

"Merry Christmas D and D Bulldogs!! Love Sulley🎄"


32 weeks

"`Tis the season"

"Sulley 10 months old playing at the Wildwood dog park."


"Sulley went to see the reindeer last night"
"Merry Christmas from The Rievers"


picture of Oliver

Oliver almost 7 months


The following updates and picture were sent to us from Peyton's owners

"Wishing you a Merry Christmas, from Peyton ! 🐾🎅🏼"

"Peyton is one today! 🎈🎂"


Pictures and updates from his family

"Wanted to send some updates! He's great!!"



"My sweet Oliver who is 2.5 yrs old now. Luv him to pieces but he has no concept of personal space! Lol"

"Oliver is now 65 lbs and spoiled rotten"


In December 2017 Lola's owner shared this photo of Lola past and present " Lola. Adopted from you on 11-2014"



"Macho ! Adopted him October 24 he is almost 1 years old and he is perfect !!!!"

"Macho ! 1 years old 😍"



Cali joined her family as a puppy

"Thank you so much for this sweet baby girl! She's so happy in her new home! We've named her Cali!"

" We wanted to let you know she is doing great. We named her Cali and the smiles she gives us are amazing. Hope you and you'r family are having a great Christmas. Merry Christmas! "


"If she fits she sits!!! We love our baby bulldog, Cali!"

"Only cuz choosing one is so hard!!!"

Parasole family 

Porkchop was added to the Parasole family as a puppy. 

This lucky girl gets to travel through the United States and Puerto Rico. She gets to enjoy the pool and beach with of course the supervision and help of her owner and life vest. 

"Porkchop 15 weeks today. She LOVES the water at our pool and beach in Puerto Rico. She travels well too. THE BEST DOG"
" Always trying to be friends with the cat. Never gonna happen "


You may remember seeing D and D's Rufus on our website and Facebook page, as well as on the episode of Animal Planet's Too Cute that the featured our Bulldogs. Rufus joined his new family as an adult Bulldog. 

"The Most Regal and Jaunty Gentleman We Know: D and D's Rufus continues to steal our hearts"

"D and D’s Rufus had an amazing Fourth Birthday in his favorite chair! We ♥️ him so so much."